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primsi ([personal profile] primsi) wrote2014-12-13 05:46 am


There's a friend who I haven't associated much with in about a year and earlier today (yesterday...) I went to see her. We hung out for almost three hours. In that span of time, she kept feeling my hair, hesitantly confessed to recently having an erotic dream about me, kept telling me how intelligent I am and how she prefers me over other people, let me have a tree figure she had knitted, also randomly let me have some of her necklaces, hugged me for a long time and wouldn't let go, blushed and got fidgety when I followed her into her bedroom, gushed over how cute she thought I was when I took a twig with berries on it from a bush and put it behind my ear, and proceeded to take a ton of pictures of me with her phone.